In their own words . . .

Clients include:

· CEO of a fast-growing beverage company
· President of a San Francisco design firm
· Co-Founder of a biotech company
· President of a financial management firm
· VP, Sales of a global education company
· Head of Int’l Marketing for a F50 high tech company
· Director, Training for a global education company
· Managing Director of a cardiovascular clinic

Some of the challenges they have:

· Successful VP wondering how to get a CEO position.
· Successful CEO, wondering how to give back and leave a legacy.
· Head of advanced technology team wondering how to maximize team effort, including how to collaborate with others who have different thinking styles.
· How to be more confident in one’s leadership skills.
· Prioritizing for next year, and the next 3 years.
What have they gotten out of coaching?

· “Clarity and focus for my business.”
· “More awareness and confidence in my leadership abilities.”
· “Shifting from ‘feeling overwhelmed’ to ‘feeling present and energized.’”
· “Greater awareness of where I get stuck and how I hold myself back.”
· “Inspiration, positivity, and empowerment.”