About Me


Hi, I’m Katrin.

My passion? Helping people improve their work and their life.

My coaching background

· Rigorously trained and certified coach.
· Fluent in leading methodologies and best practices.
· Constantly seeking new research on neuro-psychology, communications, and leadership.

My business background

· Entrepreneur, business owner, and global executive.
· Deep experience on what motivates action and results.
· Energizing team builder and leader. Speaker on business growth.

Global perspective

· Speak 5 languages, coached teams in 40+ countries.
· 30 years studying international leadership styles.
· Know what it takes to be an effective leader in a global economy.

Mindful, intuitive, energized

· 22 years practicing meditation; teach meditation, too.
· Have two wonderful sons and a great spouse.
· Love music, dance, travel, and extreme adventures of all kinds.
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